Sunday, September 20, 2009

Mall Madness

Trey and I went to the mall together last week. That sounds so inconsequential, but trust me it was a big deal that he asked to go shopping for clothes! The boy usually follows his dad's fashion advice which is "let the woman in your life buy your clothes, and wear whatever she brings home". So things must have been desperate for him to initiate a shopping trip.

With the girls a "shopping trip" is an event that usually involves lunch at the tea room, stops at numerous stores, much trying on, and searching for matching accessories. I guess it was silly of me to hope that Trey might want to spend the day at the mall with his mom. My first idea that this was a desperation trip and not a pleasure outing was when we exited our neighborhood and stopped at the gas station. There were some girls about his age hanging around and he immediately slouched down into the seat. Since he is a guy and I'm not, it is understood that he is the gas station attendant when he is with me but apparently it is not cool to be seen in a Volvo station wagon with your mom on a Saturday afternoon. ( or at any other time which is why my kids refer to my car as the loser cruiser) Who knew??? So I spared him the social suicide that he would be committing by pumping my gas and did it myself while he cowered low in his seat.

Apparently my son inherited his fathers shopping prowess because it took us approximately 30 minutes and two stores and we were back in the car with enough clothes to last him the whole school year.

There was no tea room, he never came out of the dressing room to ask my opinion, and he was not a bit interested in any matching accessories. But on the upside I made it home in time to catch the Michigan game so it turned out to be a pretty good afternoon.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow

I do one healthy thing for my body each morning. I make a kefir shake with blueberries and flax oil,acai powder, omega 3 fish oil, and any other healthy sounding thing that I can throw in there for good measure.

After that I party like a rock star with my BFF's Little Debbie, Frito Bandito, and Twinkie the Kid.

Sadly Twinkie and I have partied together so much over the past few years, that I'm starting to resemble him.

He pulls off the whole western wear thing so much better than I do.

So I've decided that it's time to part ways with my pals and try to find new healthier friends before my family puts me on an episode of Intervention.

So goodbye Deb,Frito and Twinkie! We had some good times together, but our relationship is not a healthy one. Please don't take it personally when I pass right by you at the grocery store and pretend I don't even know you. You see I can't even stop to admire you because I might be tempted to bring you home... and well... we know what that will lead to. So it's best to just wish you a fond farewell.

I won't forget you..... mostly because the evidence of our trysts lingers on my rear end and jelly belly but non-the-less, it was a good run while it lasted.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Some Things Get Better With Age

Tomorrow my husband and I will be married for 24 years. I would love to go back and ask the people at our wedding if they thought we would make it to 24 years. I'd be willing to bet a number of them would have said no. But here we are all these years later still hanging in there. Last night in celebration he took me to a fondue restaurant with some friends. It was fun and yummy and I recognize the sacrifice on his part because I know he would have preferred a side of beef cooked over a fire and served man-style instead of having to skewer little tidbits of vegetables and meat and cook them in a pot on the table. So in honor of 24 years, I give you 24 reasons I love my husband not in any particular order. Just a side note, I left out the many "personal" reasons I love him so as not to gross out my children.

1. He played a major role in the production of our three terrific children.

2. He has seen me at my best and my worst and has never made me feel less attractive or desirable to him.

3. He can fix just about anything.

4. He is a talented guitar player.

5. I love the way he is passionate about his faith and beliefs.

6. He is a great artist and can see potential in just about anything.

7. I love how he will help anyone who needs a hand with something.

8. He is a great cook.

9. I love how he loves our country and never fails to thank our military personnel for their service.

10. I love the logical side of him. It offsets my irrational side.

11. He sometimes rubs my feet after a long day.

12. He always gives people the benefit of the doubt when I tend to question motives and reasons.

13. He can keep his cool in stressful situations.

14. He has patience when teaching someone something new.

15. I love how he doesn't gross out when having to do yucky stuff like burying dead animals or playing doctor to a hurt dog.

16. He never complains that the house is messy but will tell me it looks good when I have spent the day cleaning it.

17. He is a loyal friend,brother,son etc.

18. I love how he is quick to forgive and never holds a grudge.

19. He has wicked-mad computer skills.

20. I love how he makes me laugh.

21. He is an awesome dad and loves our children more than life itself.

22. I love how he loves to be home with his family. He rarely if ever goes out after work or on weekends.

23. I love how I can volunteer him to do things and make things for church and school and he never complains about it.

24. I love how he has stuck with me and put up with my stuff for the last 24 years!

I could have written many more reasons, but I will save them for the next anniversary post. Here is a wedding picture of us. Remember it was the 80's so you must excuse the fashion choices, and for the record, P had a much more pronounced mullet, but he photo-shopped a majority of it off! That is totally not fair because he should have photo-shopped that flying saucer off of my head while he was at it!!! I love you honey! Happy Anniversary!!