Monday, October 5, 2009


This weekend was Ciara's last Homecoming as a student. Next year if she wants to attend she will have to do so as an alumnus. I can hardly believe that! I was gone this weekend on an absolutely awesome retreat, and the only down side to that was the fact that I missed her all prettied up for the dance. Thankfully her big sis came over and took lots of pictures for me. Here are a few:

Here she is with her gigantic mum. This is only worn to school on the Friday of Homecoming, but she posed with it in the picture.

Awww aren't these sisters pretty! Just for the record, I want to thank Savannah for picking out a bridesmaid dress that her sister could actually wear twice!

Finally, here is one of her on the Homecoming float for the last time!

Just for good measure and because once you have teenagers it is your duty to embarrass them, here is one of her dressed up for nerd day:

Without a doubt I'm going to miss these days!