Saturday, June 16, 2012

A Politically Incorrect Father's Day Post

I have a couple of girl friends that consider themselves radical feminists. If you are one of those friends please stop reading this post. Trust me when I say that you will not enjoy it because there will be no man-bashing or trash talking of men in this post. Nope, today I will proudly highlight the many reasons we need men in our lives.

There has been a growing trend in the media lately to characterize men in a unfavorable light. You can turn on almost any sitcom these days and see a male lead portrayed as either a bumbling, clueless husband/father, or a slimy, over-sexed deadbeat just looking for his next female conquest. Anytime there is a show that has this type of male character in it, there is sure to be one or more female characters that are identified as being the smarter more able person. I'm not sure why or when it became desirable to marginalize the male gender but from my viewpoint it's a disturbing trend that can adversely effect future generations.

I was blessed with positive male role models in my life. My dad and my brother being the first. Without them I wouldn't be the person I am. Through my dad's love and commitment to his family, a sense of worth and belonging was instilled in me. Growing up with my brother cultivated my sense of humor, as well as teaching me how to "take things" and "dish them out". (He also taught me how to be tough as I was his personal target for every snowball, spitball, rock, BB etc.... but that's a different post all together and I've totally gotten over those things and I'm not bitter at all..... really.....not at all) Learning these things didn't happen over night or by osmosis. They were picked up little by little at every family dinner we all sat down to, every vacation we went on, and every argument we had over sharing the bathroom and phone. ( yes future generations that will read this, we only had one phone and "gasp" it was attached to the wall) At the time they didn't even seem like significant learning experiences, but now I can see how they effected my life. You see through my dads example, I learned how a woman should be treated by a man and when it came time for me to find a man to share my life with, I knew I didn't have to settle for the first one to come along. No, I held out for a man who loves me, gladly serves as the head of the household, models for his daughters the way a man should treat a woman and shows his son how a man should be a man. Through growing up with my brothers torment example I was well equipped to roll with lifes ups and downs with a little bit of humor and a lot of backbone.

Now, if you are one of my feminist friends and you didn't heed my earlier warning and are still reading this, you might be thinking that I am some sort of shrinking violet that gladly defers to the men in my life on every subject. Let me just clarify that my mother is a strong competent woman who raised me and my sisters to be strong competent women, and we in turn raised our daughters to be strong, competent women. I simply refuse to buy into the notion that somehow men are no longer relevant or influential in today's contemporary society. We need men! Not just as donors to keep the world populated, but as leaders who are willing to step up to the task.

So, to all the dads, brothers, uncles, male role models out there being a positive influence in other peoples lives, let me just say, you are needed, you do matter, and thanks for not shirking your responsibilities as men. Happy Fathers Day!!