Friday, June 20, 2014

Doing Life

Today I remembered my blog.

It started with my son showing me this picture from instagram.
(yes I know there is a watermark on the photo which indicates the photo was not actually purchased by the poster but I'm feeling sentimental so I'm choosing to overlook that)

Seeing this photo made me remember that I had a picture of these three boys young men back when they were still boys. Since I have had multiple computer crashes through the years, I could no longer find said picture on my hard drive, but I remembered that I had put it on my blog.

So since I had not visited my blog in two years I started to read through my posts and I realized I missed posting ( is it just me or does this all vaguely sound like the children's book If You Give A Moose A Muffin?) Anyways since two years would make for a very long and boring post, I will use visuals of the highlights.
So as indicated in the first photo, this happened:

Yes! My last baby bird finished school!

Just a few weeks before that this happened:

Baby bird number two graduated from college!

A few months before that, this happened:

Baby bird number two got engaged!!

But a year before that THIS happened!!!

Life got so much sweeter because baby bird number one gave us cupcake !!

Life is good!

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